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Constructing a safe and secure building or house is our priority. We work as professional manufacturers in different cities. Established in 2003, and successfully we completed our work on time. Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, we are the Rockwool panels manufacturer in Greater Noida. Our Rockwool panels are eco-friendly and match your industrial standard in safety and health.
As a Rockwool panels supplier in Greater Noida, we provide durable and highly heat-resistant panels at your doorstep. The core of Rockwool is responsible for fire resistance, protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered, and micro nerve to give proper strength to the structure.
From the manufacturing process of the sandwich sheet, the properties of the panels have been optimized to ensure exceptional performance in case of fire using mineral fibers. According to your needs and projects, we manufactured different panels.
Rockwool panel is a proper solution in every weather- cold or hot. These panels provide high protection against fire with a very simple installation. It is the reason why it is popular in the industry after PUF sandwich panels. Not only individuals but also large companies want to prefabricate their organizations. Rockwool panels are an ideal solution for building clean rooms, hospitals, sheds, etc.

Properties of Rockwool panels

  • Absorb sound waves -

We improved the internal sound field quality by absorbing echo and reverberation within the room, contributing to good room acoustics.
  • Insulate unwanted noise

The Rockwool reduces sound transmission, blocking the passage of sound from the outside to the inside of the building, and from one room to another. Also, with Control vibration we manufacture the Rockwool resilience that leads to the isolation and damping of vibration.
  • Thermal properties:

You can save energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperatures and climate. Maintaining temperature can dramatically reduce heating, cooling, and ventilation that automatically reduces the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Fire-resistant:

Rockwool has a melting point greater than 1000 degrees C and it is non-inflammable. In case of any fire event industries, Rockwool panel insulation helps to reduce the spreading of flame. At the same time, it does not contribute to the emission of significant quantities of toxic smoke. The natural qualities of Rockwool help us to build sustainable and safe buildings.
  • Reusable:

It is the most sufficient raw material. Rockwool sandwich panels are eco-friendly and can be reused and are easily recycled. As Rockwool panel manufacturers and suppliers, we have developed our technology in a way that allows us to use best from the waste for other industries as an alternative raw material.

Why are Cactus Profiles good for you?

We are the most delicate manufacturer and supplier of Rockwool panels in Greater Noida. We at Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd use the finest raw materials and provide precision design and fabric finish. Also, it is easy to install and has long-lasting durability. Rockwool panels offer you highly economic and easy maintenance.
This is used as the wall or roof for cold storage as well as industrial workshops. Moreover, we provide customized panels according to your requirements. The best quality Rockwool manufacturers and the product is prefabricated in the factory. All our construction projects of these rock wool panels were delivered successfully.
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