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Fire Rated Door

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the leading brand of manufacturing Fire rated doors in India. Fire rated doors are the type of doors that prevent fire from spreading, also used as emergency exits in buildings.

What are fire rated doors?

These Fire rated doors give a fire-resistance rating and are usually made of a combination of glass, gypsum, steel, timber, and aluminum.  With these substances, the door can be stable and withstand fires for a few hours giving emergency services enough time to put out the fire and prevent fires. Also, the doors are designed to keep close and have no gaps between the wall and the door, it’s all filled with a fire-resistant sealant material.

Fire rated doors are installed in commercial buildings and industries. The doors are a passive fire measure that helps to control the fire, smoke, and fumes from penetrating beyond the doors. These fire rated doors are normally used in shafts and staircase exits to help people safely evacuate from the building in case of any fire emergency scenario.

High-quality passive fire protection systems are now required by various fire safety standards and local building codes. They not only prevent the possibility of fire but also prevent its spread. Fire-rated doors can also be used in commercial, residential, and industrial settings such as hub rooms, equipment, server room or multistory building, malls. AHU room, corridor, lift lobby. Ac plant room, generator, machine room, industrial building, staircase

Characteristics of Fire rated doors

Fire rated doors are mostly required in every building. When it comes to fire safety, these fire rated doors and frames in your building will ensure reduced smoke inhalation as well as draft minimization of fire.

  • Acoustic

Fire rated doors are designed to reduce the spread of fire and noise between two rooms. With the potential uses in a wide variety of industries and sectors, these doors are available in different decibel ratings to cater to the needs and requirements of the client.

  • Blast and pressure-resistant

The requirement of fire rated doors can be achieved by installing doors that can withstand the application of pressure loads. Blast-proof doors are an important element to control an explosion hazard. 

  • Fire and bullet resistant

Bulletproof doors are the next level of safety. In MNCs, standard fire rated doors are insulated for security purposes. These are the customized doors that are made with a proprietary ballistic core.

Hire Cactus Profiles for Fire rated doors

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the best fire rated door manufacturers in Haryana providing fire rated doors in different styles that will protect your property from fire hazards. We are the leading suppliers of fire rated doors in India

The fire rated doors prevent the fire from spreading and reduce the smoke passage for the particular time limit. We at Cactus profiles are always tested and certified in accredited laboratories that simulate the conditions of a real fire.

Fire rated doors enable protection against fire and help in safe and quick evacuation of the people during any fire related incident. Fire rated doors not only minimize the spread of fire but also help in reducing the damage of property done by fire.

Our products are designed to the highest standards and are rigorously tested by our experts. We also supply products that meet specifications for fire rated doors from manufacturers.