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Rockwool Panels

Rockwool insulation panels offer protection from cold, heat, risk of fire and ambient noise. Cactus Profiles Pvt. Ltd. Rockwool panels comprise of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool insulation as core and profiled or plain color coated galvanized steel or Galvalume steel sheet on either side. These Rockwool acoustic wall panels provide a pleasant indoor experience while reducing energy costs.


Best Fire Protection: Our Rockwool insulation panels are certified for non-combustibility as they never cause or spread a fire. The Rockwool panels act as fire barriers and are popular for low smoke development and spreading.

Better thermal insulation: Rockwool sandwich panels provide an excellent and effective protection against heat and cold. Its insulation properties are due to natural air entrapped within and thus it does not emit noxious gases or blowing agents like HCFC, Pentane and CO2.

Supreme Acoustic Protection: Rockwool acoustic foam panels have a natural open cell structure making them ideal for absorbing, containing and regulating noise.

Higher Sustainability:  Being sustainable and durable, sound proof walls offer lifetime insulation benefits. Requiring low maintenance and promoting zero energy housing, these panels help preserve the ecosystem.