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Clean Room Door


These doors are prime high-performance doors that are designed to protect clean rooms in the organization. Clean room doors enhance the environmental structures that can impact your buildings. Such as pollutants, contaminants, dust, and microbes. Clean room doors are one of the most important considerations of weight.

The core material that is used to build is a vital part of the overall performance of the clean room door and the material used to create these doors are paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb.

The food, pharmaceutical, health, and other industries have the most comprehensive and strict hygiene standards in the world. The clean room doors allow cleaning and have several hygienic features.

Technical specifications

  • Clean room doors are environmentally friendly and thermal resistant
  • The doors are easy to assemble
  • We use double-layer steel and frame, ensuring that the door can stand up to and work properly over the years.
  • This also helps to maintain their structure overall and looks appealing to various clean room users.
  • These clean room doors are hygienic and corrosion resistant
  • Clean room doors have to handle high humidity level
  • The best quality, durability, and concentration of clean room doors for different industries.
  • We ask for every single requirement of the client and give them exactly what they want.

The classroom doors are sealed and air-tight in nature, so it prevents outside dust or air molecules entered in the room. With high-tech and advanced technology, these doors are manufactured as high-performance doors with automatic access between internal and external areas of the building.


  1. Cleanroom doors are used for protection from outside dust molecules. The environment contaminated and compromised the production in that fluctuating temperature room. Even a small particle entering the room causes a huge risk for the product and also affects the workers.
  2. To prevent these issues and maintain product integrity, a high-performance door helps to regulate the temperature that should be maintained in a clean room.
  3. Cleanroom doors can help to preserve the humidity levels in the room. These cleanroom doors are high-performance doors that will help maintain the correct pressure.
  4. It is also important that the doors should be closed and open properly. This minimizes the air incursion and pollutant particles entering the room. The cleanroom doors must be high-speed doors to open and close as fast as possible.

Cleanroom doors are an integral part of the environment as they are exposed to higher temperatures than risk contamination. Choosing the right cleanroom door can be tricky, these doors are designed and built by experts.


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