Insulated Sandwich Panels

PUF Roofing Panel

PUF Roofing Panels

Roofing is an integral part of construction and it is highly effective in providing an aesthetic appeal to the buildings. These Days every building is using PUF sandwich roofing panels with inner and outer metal coating and an insulated center.

Besides this, the temperature of thermal insulation and upholding your premises or industry in better climate conditions in higher temperatures. Also, lower cost is another advantage that PUF Roofing Panels are in demand these days.

Technical specifications

  • Insulation: Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PUF) The panels are available in 40mm to 200mm thickness.
  • Nominal density: 40 kg m/m3 Tensile Strength: 3.7 kg/cm2 Close Cell Content: 90-95%
  • Fire Resistant: Horizontal Extent of burn (BS 4735<125mm)
  • Water Absorption: 0.20% volume at 100% RH.
  • The joints of the 2 panels are sealed with a bead of silicone sealant.
  • Eco-Friendly


The PUF Roofing Panels consist of panels that are appropriate for a wide range of applications. PUF roofing panels are very efficient and easy to install and offer the following benefits-

  1. Reliable and long-lasting panels. These panels offer all the features of regular traditional construction with a modern touch.
  2. PUF Roofing Panels are low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.
  3. They are customized to meet customer requirements in terms of size, design, and colors.
  4. The biggest advantage of PUF Roofing Panels– It is portable and also, easily dismantled, moved, and reconstructed when needed.
  5. These panels require low maintenance and it is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

PUF roofing panels are easy on the budget and an ideal fit for different commercial setups like commercial spaces, warehouses, storage, and industrial buildings.


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