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Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the best Rockwool panel manufacturer in Faridabad. Rockwool insulation panels are designed from a variety of mineral types.
It is a type of thermal insulation made from rock and minerals. These materials give the panel the ability to block heat and sound. The panels are basically used in construction industrial plants and automotive industries.
Rockwool panels are made from rock processed into fibers. It is a durable and heat-resistant material that provides powerful protection against heat and fire. These panels are reliable insulators that hold high R-Value over time. Resisting pests and moisture, the Rockwool panel offers a wide range of benefits for industrial sectors, and now even in residential sectors, people are using these panels for protection.
This panel contains multiple abilities to be a popular modern construction requirement for everyone. It is environmentally friendly, durable. Safe, heat resistant, non-deteriorating R-Value, pest control, and moisture resistant.

Our quality check parameters of Rockwool panels

Rockwool plays an important role in responding to these panels.
  • The panels 100% Fire resistance

These panels are made up of stone that is heated to become lava-like liquid. This is composed primarily of basalt rock and recycled steel called slag. We superheated these materials to greater than 1000 degrees C and formed them into a liquid texture. After this, we blew into the spinning chamber, which is designed to stretch the liquid into fibers. Then these fibers gathered together and compressed to the mat, and cut into slabs of Rockwool insulation.
  • Make it recyclable

Rockwool panels are a popular insulation. The fusion of stone and fiber is used to construct Rockwool insulation which is mineral wool. To make our surroundings a better place to live, Rockwool is one of the most abundant raw materials. As we develop the panels from waste from those raw materials. This is how we make the panels recyclable and long-lasting products. We produce the best out of waste.
  • Build for acoustic comfort

The Rockwool panels are a better option than traditional construction. These panels help to absorb acoustic energy and waves that reduce the intensity and surrounding noise. The panels decrease the airflow and sound transmission which help to block the sound waves or noise entry into the premises.

Why cactus profile is best for you?

We are the leading manufacturers of Rockwool insulation panels and  offer high-performance and sustainable insulation products for construction purposes. If you are located in Faridabad and looking for the Rockwool panel, Our products are usually based on innovative technology and moderate your standards of living.
We are known for high premium quality and excellent results. The panels are designed using advanced techniques and the latest tools and are very popular among our clients for the greater finishing, quality, and longer service life. Also, Rockwool panels have enormous potential for saving energy and it motivates the authorities to strengthen their buildings.
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