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Are you looking for Rockwool Panels? You came to the right place. Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the leading supplier of Rockckwool panels in Daman Diu. 
Rockwool Panels act as a partition tool for walls.  They could be best for the construction of dust-free cold rooms. The usage of these panels improves the thermal properties of the boiler. These can ensure up to 1000 degrees C temperature. Rockwool panels are available and can be availed in 50 mm / 60mm /80mm / 100mm thickness option.
Light in weight, these Panels are available in standard as well as in tailor-made specifications. These panels are damp protected and their thermal insulation level deserves praise.
These can be used for the construction of flooring, internal and external walls, roofs etc. High strength and long-lasting surface are its main features.

Product Details


W – 1175mm




Partition, dust-free rooms, boilers etc.

Max Withstanding Temperature

1000 degree Celsius




RAL 9002 or AWT

Advantages of Rockwool Panels

  1. Fire Resistor: The raw material, technology, and machinery used in these panels make them good fire resistance. According to standards, it must have 10000 C fire-resistant. It protects your environment from spreading fire risk.

  2. Theinsulation panels are made in a way that they do not pass noise. They are suitable for places near busy roads.

  3. Rockwool repels water and will not absorb moisture. It keeps insulation space dry and prevents construction material from degradation.

  4. Maintenance: It is easy to maintain and install panels anywhere. We also provide easy repair and replacement facilities in case of damage.

  5. These panels reduce airflow and sound transmission in comparison to traditional fibreglass.

  6. Withstand: Rockwool insulation can withstand high temperatures. It can handle 1000 degrees without melting.

  7. Cost-Effective: It also saves costs due to the high level of thermal insulation. The panel can save energy bills by maintaining the required temperature.

Why choose Cactus Profiles for the Rockwool Panel?

Cactus Profiles Pvt. Ltd is the leading manufacturer of the insulated panel in Daman Diu. We have a team of experts whose focus relies on quality production. In our team, we have tech-scientific, manufacturers and engineers who customize the panel as per the clients' specifications.
We are dedicated to start-of-the-art technology of manufacturing. We manufacture several products like cleanroom doors, PUF Panel, Portable toilets, Wall, and floor roofing etc.
Thus, you can contact one of the most reliable and trusted Rockwool panel suppliers – Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd to get an affordable and durable cleanroom Rockwool Panel in Daman Diu.


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