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PUF Wall Panels in Visakhapatnam

Puf Wall Panels

Cactus profiles offers PUF Wall Panels in Visakhapatnam. PUF stands for Polyurethane Foam, and it is a popular choice for wall panel insulation due to its high thermal resistance and energy efficiency. PUF wall panels are made by sandwiching a layer of polyurethane foam between two sheets of metal, creating a strong and lightweight panel that provides excellent insulation.

One of the main benefits of PUF wall panels is their exceptional thermal resistance. The polyurethane foam acts as an insulating barrier, preventing heat from entering or escaping through the walls. This helps to keep the interior temperature of a building stable, reducing the need for heating or cooling systems and ultimately saving energy and money on utility bills.

In addition to its thermal resistance, PUF also has great acoustic properties. The dense foam layer absorbs sound waves, reducing noise levels inside buildings. This can be especially beneficial in noisy environments such as factories or offices, creating a more comfortable and productive

The PUF wall panels are representative of modern construction technology and are used alongside traditional building materials such as wood, steel, and concrete in various construction projects. It is used in many applications like production houses, airports, exhibition halls, cold rooms, big plants, warehouses, etc.

These panels are durable than the traditional panels of cement, also lightweight so that they can be easily installed and dismantled. These sandwich PUF panels are filled with Polyurethane Foam in the core achieving Good R-values and consisting of exterior and interior facings of relatively thin profiled metal sheets.

Technical Specifications of PUF Wall Panels

  • These PUF wall panels are manufactured with pre-painted galvanized sheets (PPGS).
  • The size of the panel is width-wall 1175mm.
  • The core thickness density is 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, and 150mm.
  • The facing of the panels is 0.5mm thick Pre-coated GI sheets / Aluminium sheets / Stainless steel sheets and FRP sheets with PE film.
  • The core of the panel is rigid foam which is formed by two ingredients reaction i.e. an MDI and a polyol.

For any requirements of PUF wall panels in Visakhapatnam, please feel free to contact us at Cactus Profiles. Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality PUF wall panels for both residential and commercial use.


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