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PUF Panels Manufacturers - Uttar Pradesh

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the top and leading construction company. We are PUF Panels Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh and have extended our services in providing a supreme range of solutions for insulated walls and cladding products for multiple applications. We work with wide engineering expertise and innovative designers with proper knowledge.

In this modern and updated scenario, people are transforming into a world of innovation. Choosing the PUF wall panel elements has now become essential in the construction industry. In the replacement of traditional walls and roofing, many industries are moving towards these PUF panels.

We are the PUF panels suppliers in Uttar Pradesh, who designed to give a proper high level of thermal insulation and performance, have structural integrity, and are also damage resistant. We offer a wide range of options for architects and designers for wall cladding and roofing.

The PUF sandwich panels are also known as composite panels or structural insulated panels. It can be used in constructing buildings. As the traditional construction days are gone, the future is prefabrication and the PUF panels are the solution among the most sought-after products that meet all the design requirements and specifications, and also follow the criteria of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Benefits of the PUF wall panels
  • The benefits of using this type of panel are the potential to save space inside the building.
  • Good thermal insulation of the partitions translates to lower wall thickness, compared to other types of panels or masonry, while maintaining the same thermal insulation parameters.
  • The important feature of this panel is to have a partition designed to prevent the transmission of excessive sound. They are good in soundproofing capabilities.
  • It is a budget solution that can be used successfully whenever there are no stringent requirements for fire protection or thermal insulation.

PUF panels is used in industrial construction but now many housing sectors and residential buildings are also using PUF panels. It is a layer of rigid material boned on either side of the lightweight core. These panels are typically used in prefabricated buildings.

Cactus Profiles PUF sandwich panels

We are a renowned PUF sandwich panels manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh delivering the best PUF panels all over the country. Our products are known for their several qualities like stable performance, high strength quality, easy to install, etc. These panels are good conductors of heat and contains non-flammable material.

With Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, you enhance your organization’s infrastructure. We help you to reduce the transmission of surrounding noise to enter inside the building and give your organization solid and thermal control walls and roofs. It also keeps the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

If you are looking for PUF sandwich panel installation in your commercial or residential unit, contact us for more information. We have an expert team of experienced professionals to guide you with the best solution for your unit.