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PUF Panels Manufacturers - Faridabad

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the best manufacturing and prefabricated company. We are PUF panels manufacturer in Faridabad and deliver our panels across India. These panels are one of the major components of prefabricated buildings.

PUF panels (polyurethane foam) are different from other materials that hold the ability to meet various load requirements of varying applications. This polyurethane foams are produced by reacting an equal ratio of polyisocyanurate with polyols. It is made in the presence of water, which acts as a blowing agent. 

In this modern era of innovation and fast-paced technology, PUF panels are the proper solution of fast and easy construction. PUF sandwich panels are the modular construction that provides various attractive features and one of the most popular prefabricated materials.

These panels are the modern technique and used for building roofs, walls, building sheds, and warehouses. PUF panels are the energy-saving panels which save up to 40-50% of energy yearly. The main thing that makes these panels in demand is, PUF panels are easy to install and need low maintenance for any type of prefabricated buildings.

PUF panels are environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion, and protected from any other type of physical damage or impact. Also, these panels are cost effective and they can work for a long time. PUF panels can be easily dismantled and reusable material, so there is no wastage in the modular structure of PUF panels.

If we compare prefabricated buildings construction with traditional construction methods then pre fabricating takes less time than traditional construction and it is also cost saving.

Advantages of PUF panels

The panels are commonly used in the construction of various structures such as airports, halls, authorized buildings, and now in building residential buildings as well.

  • The PUF wall panels are used based on a tongue and groove joining system, which is fast and easy to install.
  • PUF wall panels are available in various core thicknesses of facial materials which improve the quality of the product.
  • These panels have a good thermal conductivity
  • You can customize the panels according to your requirements.
  • The core materials of PUF wall panels can be used in multiple applications for different environments such as fire protection, sound resistance, moisture resistance, and withstand in different temperatures & conditions.
  • These panels have good strength, flatness, smooth finishing, and long-life durability.
  • The panels are very light in weight, compact, and have high structural strength.
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Cactus Profiles is one of the leading PUF panel suppliers in Faridabad. We manufacture premium quality prefabricated sheds, cold rooms, and storage.

We focus on the usage of the right materials and quality checks & craftsmanship decides the life of the panel’s structure. Taking care of all the aspects, from sourcing the material to building the panels is the of experienced suppliers which is why Cactus Profiles expertise in the field helps overcome all the challenges easily.

Cactus Profiles have completed numerous projects while delivering full customer satisfaction and also have built trust with the customers. If you are looking for PUF panels, get in touch with our expert team today.

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