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The clean room door is different from an ordinary home or office door. Clean room doors have become a major choice in the pharmaceutical and medical, and food manufacturing industries because they require high-quality clean room doors for a complex environment.
At Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, we serve our services as a top GMP clean room doors manufacturers in Faridabad. Generally, GMP is used for pharmaceutical manufacturing as it requires a clean room or some clean areas to set up. A high-performance clean room door is the first step to ensuring a safe and secure environment.
Commonly GMP clean room doors are used for:
  • Food storage
  • Pharmaceutical operations
  • Medical facilities and perseverance
Apart from this, home doors perform poorly in terms of resistance to VHP and pharmaceutical disinfection, and most of the big pharmaceutical and medical companies, as well as food perseverance companies, have begun replacing existing normal doors with clean room doors. Post the COVID-19 pandemic situation, these doors have become quite important.

Benefits of GMP Clean room Doors

GMP clean room door supports regulatory requirements agreement and product quality. On the other hand, it needs a high-performance door that ensures the level of purity and quality for your clean room door. The more benefits of GMP clean room doors are:
Manage proper humidity levels-
  • In the industries where humidity levels are fluctuating, it is difficult to maintain and clean rooms in that kind of environment. Clean Room doors prevents from:
    • Product degradation or damage
    • Corrosion (any chemical reaction)
    • Prevent from Bacteria growth

GMP clean room doors can help you easily to maintain the humidity levels in your clean room. A high-performance door will help maintain the correct pressurization within a clean room.
Support to manage temperature-
  • GMP clean room doors are used for prevention. The environment that contaminated and compromised the production in that fluctuating temperature room.
  • Even a small particle entering inside the room causes a huge risk for the product as we as the working people.
  • To prevent these issues and maintain product integrity, a high-performance door helps to regulate the temperature that should be maintained in a clean room.

Gives quality sealed doors-
  • To maintain the contaminants outlook GMP clean room doors include a full-side seal. Well sealed doors help the product to prevent direct or indirect contact which maintains the quality of the products.
  • It is also important that the doors should be closed and open fastly. To minimize air incursion and contaminant ingress, the clean room doors must be high-speed doors to open and close as fast as possible.
  • Whereas, it prevents cross-contamination between environments and blocks contamination from entering production areas.

Why Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd?

As we know, the GMP clean room door is very susceptible to damage during construction and opening & closing and it needs proper maintenance to ensure that it does not affect the performance. We are here at Faridabad, just a call away from our clients. We help you with proper maintenance and working patterns of the door.
Cactus Profiles Pvt ltd is a top rated GMP Clean Room Doors Manufacturer in Faridabad with expertise to design clean room doors according to your specific needs. We take into consideration all the clean room door standards and regulations.
To create these GMP clean room doors, the biggest challenges in designing for different sectors like- pharmaceutical companies and food processing clean room doors that are robust, lightweight, and easy to clean. These factors must be considered while creating doors.
But in clean room doors, one of the most important considerations is their weight. The core material that is used to build is a vital part of the overall performance of the clean room door and the material used to create these doors are paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb.
Now you are thinking what is the reason to use these materials and how beneficial? So here’s your answer!
The advantage of using these core materials is, it makes the clean room door lightweight and gives a large bending capacity. The most critical part of a clean room door is sealing performance and using these materials makes the door more uniform and strong.
If you are looking for GMP Clean Room Doors Manufacturers in Faridabad, your search ends at Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd.
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