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GMP Clean Room Door in Mathura

Cactus Profiles is a premium supplier & manufacturer of GMP Clean Room Door in Mathura. Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is committed to providing high-quality, durable and reliable clean room doors for a wide range of applications.

GMP clean room doors meet regulatory standards for product quality. They offer high performance to ensure purity and quality, with a smooth, seamless structure ideal for pharmaceutical industries. These doors are crucial post-COVID-19, preventing contamination and maintaining production in fluctuating temperatures.

Technical specifications

These doors effectively manage humidity levels, crucial for worker comfort and product integrity in a clean room setting. Manual sliding doors offer multiple access points, saving both space and costs with header mount and surface mount options tailored to your needs. They are designed to be safe, reliable, stable, and convenient, meeting the stringent requirements of clean room environments. Crafted with a leaf surrounded by an aluminium frame structure, GMP clean room doors are built to withstand fire incidents, ensuring the safety and integrity of the clean room.

For any requirements of GMP Clean Room Door in Mathura, Cactus Profiles is the right choice. Our GMP Clean Room Doors are manufactured using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to meet international standards. They are easy to install, operate and maintain, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency.

Our GMP Clean Room Doors come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit different clean room layouts. Our manual sliding doors are designed for smooth and effortless operation, with options for single or double leaf openings to accommodate any size of entryway. With our header mount option, the track is mounted directly above the doorway, making it ideal for tight spaces where ceiling clearance is limited. For larger doorways or areas with sufficient ceiling space, our surface mount option allows the track to be mounted on top of the wall.


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