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Acoustic and thermal insulating product

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the top glass wool panel manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. We have vast expertise in manufacturing the best panels that offer great thermal protection and insulation. One of these are the glass wool panels. The Glass Wool Panels are excellent fire-resistant panels that suffice for myriad construction applications. These panels are made from non-flammable glass fibers which prevent the spread of fire.
Glass Wool Panels are the most common and widely used form of insulation due to their thermal and acoustic properties. It offers superior tensile strength and resilience to make it ideal for applications in building and construction against high compression and jolting.
Cactus Profiles manufactures the best and unique Glass Wool Panels that are produced from the finest non-flammable glass fibers. These panels are cost-effective and durable. Besides this, Glass Wool Panels also serve excellent insulation properties and act as a barrier to the spread of fire.

Features of Glass Wool Panels

Manufactured with experts and high-quality raw materials, Cactus Profiles Glass Wool Panels can serve as a safe application for building construction, sheds, prefabricated structures, residential, and industrial buildings.
Features of Glass Wool Panels are:
  • Fire resistance:

The core raw material of Glass Wool Panels is inflammable and insulating. Therefore, it prevents flames from spreading and is a viable choice for fire rated doors.
  • Thermal insulation:

The basic properties of which Glass Wool Panels are known in the market are impeccable thermal insulation and water resistance.
  • Sound absorption

As the core structure consists of porous air pockets Glass Wool Panels have good sound absorption properties.
  • Anti-corrosive properties:

The panels are well-known for their durability and the ability to resist shock and vibration. It prevents the disturbance of the surrounding area. The panels are really useful for offices. Cactus Profiles manufactures the best Glass Wool Panels that offer the ability to maintain original form and shape.

Why Choose Our Glasswool Panel?

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is into manufacturing building construction materials since 200. With decades of experience as Glass Wool Panels dealers and suppliers, we have a large segment of renowned construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies as our clients. We have captured a large market in India and continue to expand our business to vast horizons.
We offer the best quality Glass Wool Panels that are a sufficient solution for a wide range of applications. The panels are a perfect envelope for building roofs, walls, insulations, and renovating the building. We are one of the reputed organizations engaged in offering glass wool acoustical panels in the market.
Cactus Profiles is a renowned name among the Glass Wool Panels manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh. We are at the forefront in habitat, infrastructured, and construction markets, to meet the rising challenges of high-quality demands of building materials, energy-efficient, and sustainable products.
We would be more than happy to assist you with your project. Speak to us today and let us guide you with your requirements.` Our experts will make your job easier.


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