Insulated Sandwich Panels

Glasswool Panels in Odisha

Cactus Profiles is a leading supplier of Glasswool Panels in Odisha, India. We have been providing top-quality panels to our clients for over 15 years, and are known for our expertise and reliability in the industry. Our Glasswool Panels are made from high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control measures to ensure durability and efficiency. We cater to a variety of industries, including construction, hospitality, and healthcare, and have established ourselves as a trusted supplier in the market.

One of the main benefits of our Glasswool Panels is their excellent thermal insulation properties. This makes them an ideal choice for buildings and structures that require temperature control, such as warehouses, cold storages, and pharmaceutical facilities. Our panels are also lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to install and transport.

In addition to their insulation capabilities, our Glasswool Panels in Odisha also offer sound absorption qualities. This makes them highly suitable for use in areas where noise reduction is crucial, such as recording studios or office spaces. With our panels installed, you can create a more comfortable and productive environment for your employees or clients.

Another advantage of our Glasswool Panels in Odisha is their fire resistance. Made from non-combustible materials, these panels can help prevent the spread of fire in case of an emergency. This feature makes them a popular choice for use in commercial and industrial buildings, where safety is a top priority.

Our panels are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With their sleek and modern design, they can enhance the overall look of any building or structure. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit different styles and preferences.

At Cactus Profiles, we take pride in providing high-quality Glasswool Panels in Odisha that meet international standards. Our panels undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance.

Technical specifications

Product Name Glass Wool Sandwich Panels for walls and roofs
Advantage Fireproofed Light-weighted Waterproofed Fire resistant
Core Thickness 50mm to 120mm
K value (W / m² °K) 0.72 ꘡ 0.61 ꘡ 0.46 ꘡  0.37 ꘡  0.28
R value (Btu / hr / ft² / ℉ ) 8 ꘡ 10 ꘡ 13 ꘡ 16 ꘡ 20
Width Wall 950mm
Width Roof 1000mm
Fascia Options PPGS / PPGL
Density 100 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity at 10 degree C 0.04 w / m³k
Compressive strength at 10 % 0.50985 kg per cm sq.
Bending strength 0.7647 kg per cm sq
Melting point Greater than 1000 degrees C
Water Absorption Less than 1%
Sound reduction (db) 28 to 30
Fire class Non-combustible

For all your requirements of Glasswool Panels in Odisha, feel free to reach out to us. We provide high-quality insulation solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance in various applications across Odisha. Contact us today for expert advice and reliable services tailored to your requirements.


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