Insulated Sandwich Panels

Glasswool Panel in Odisha

The glass wool panel makes significant participation in ensuring efficient thermal insulation, such as consuming energy, noise pollution, protecting personnel from hot surfaces, as well as reducing fluctuations of temperature in buildings.

Glass wool panels create a safe work environment, in-hospital improving personal space and efficiency. To install these panels, the insulation process involves the creation and trapping of many small pockets of air between the glass wool.

Glass wood panels have a low density that varies compression and binder content, the panels consist of flexible fibers that trap air inside which result in higher thermal insulation. It is used to construct buildings or organizations surfaces.

Technical specifications

Product Name Glass Wool Sandwich Panels for walls and roofs
Advantage Fireproofed Light-weighted Waterproofed Fire resistant
Core Thickness 50mm to 120mm
K value (W / m² °K) 0.72 ꘡ 0.61 ꘡ 0.46 ꘡  0.37 ꘡  0.28
R value (Btu / hr / ft² / ℉ ) 8 ꘡ 10 ꘡ 13 ꘡ 16 ꘡ 20
Width Wall 950mm
Width Roof 1000mm
Fascia Options PPGS / PPGL
Density 100 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity at 10 degree C 0.04 w / m³k
Compressive strength at 10 % 0.50985 kg per cm sq.
Bending strength 0.7647 kg per cm sq
Melting point Greater than 1000 degrees C
Water Absorption Less than 1%
Sound reduction (db) 28 to 30
Fire class Non-combustible

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