Glasswool Panels Manufacturers In Manipur

There are numerous insulation products available in market differ on their benefits. One such product is glass wool panels. We are the leading manufacturer of glass wool panels in Manipur.
Glass wool is a sort of insulating material manufactured from fibre glass. It constitutes several materials like recycled glass, sand and fixing agents which is a perfect combination and thus provide good insulation and coating to the buildings.
It helps save energy by reducing the rate of transfer of heat. These panels are manufacturer from non-flammable gas which reduces the risk of fire. Glass wool insulation is a cost-effective and durable product.
These panels use a high-quality colour-coated steel plate as a surface part with a high density of polyurethane filling. Professionals carefully to optimize their unique features install glass wool panels. These panels are manufactured in computerized plant by performing several test.

Advantages of using Glasswool Panel

  1. Fire Resistance: Glass wool panels act as a good fire resistor. The core material of the panel is inflammable and insulating. Thus, it reduces the risk of fire spreading up to a certain extent. It provides sufficient time for occupants to exit from the fire space and save their lives. Also, it does not produce any toxic gas during miss happening from the fire.

  2. Thermal Insulation: Glasswool panels have excellent thermal insulation due to the usage of glass fibre. It saves energy by reducing the heat transfer rate. These panels are thin as well as uniform because it was manufactured through stainless glass sand.

  3. Sound Absorption: Glass wool panel absorb sound from the atmosphere and provide you with noise-free space. It promotes a healthy workspace for the occupants by reducing sound density and contributes toward sustainable development.

  4. Anti-destructive nature: The panels can maintain their original shape because it is an inorganic materials.

Applications of Glasswool Panels

Glass wool insulation is perfect for partition walls, roofs, ceiling, floor, metallic buildings, industrial insulation, and automotive insulation. It offers all the advantages such as thermal property, acoustic shield, fire resistance, and sound proofing to such buildings.

Why choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd for Glasswool Panel?

Cactus Profiles offer the best quality glass wool panel in Manipur. The panels are the perfect fit for building roofs, floor tiles, and wall cladding. Being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality glass wool panels, we are in high demand in the market.
Our manufacturing process caters to international quality standards and each product serves the company ethos in the industry. We manufacture eco-friendly glass wool panels because it is natural and mineral wool. Our team of expert constantly improves the features and performance of the product.
We help you to save your energy cost and give your organization solid and thermal insulation walls and roofs. To buy a glass wool panel, Contact our team today.


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