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We at Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd. are a well-known Glass Wool Panel Manufacturers in Greater Noida offering a wide range of Glass wool panels for multiple purposes.
The method relies on spinning melted shut-in high-speed spinning heads somewhat just like the method accustomed to turning out candyfloss. Throughout the spinning of the glass fibers, a binding agent is injected. We at Glass Wool panel manufacturer in Greater Noida are delivered the panels as rolls or slabs, with totally different thermal and mechanical properties. It's going to even be created as a cloth that may be sprayed or applied in situ, on the surface to be insulated.

Pre-fabricate your building

Glass wool panels in Greater Noida build the panels as associate building material manufactured by fibers of glass organized by using a binder into a texture the same as wool. Glass wool and stone wool is created from mineral fibers and are thus typically said as ‘mineral wool’. It may be a general name for fiber materials that are fashioned by spinning or drawing melted minerals.
It may be a loose-fill material, blown into attics, or, along with an energetic binder sprayed on the face of structures. Throughout the installation of the Glass Wool, it ought to be unbroken dry in the least time, since a rise of the wetness content causes a major increase in thermal conduction.

Properties of Glass Wool Panels

Applications of Glass Wool structural insulation, pipe insulation, filtration, and soundproofing. Glass Wool may be a versatile material that may be used for the insulation of walls, roofs, and floors. Some properties are:
  • Sustainability
If you’re considering the superior choice, a non-conductor material, then Glass Wool is best for this. It is usually created of recycled materials, whereas a non-conductor comparison consists of recycled materials. As friendly environmental impact and property have become additional of a spotlight, this is often changing into a crucial issue once selecting the proper insulation material.
  • Sound insulation
In terms of sound insulation, non-conductors are usually the well-liked selection for clanging areas. This is often a result of its abundant denser than nonconductor, such that a lot less sound travels through the insulation.
  • Ease of installation
If you’re considering putting in the insulation yourself, non-conductors are taken into account and are easier to handle. Though heavier than non-conductors, non-conductors are far easier to chop, move and work into place. A non-conductor on the opposite hand is the footer, which makes it exhausting to suit the areas needed.

Why Cactus Profiles?

At Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, we are a top Glass Wool Panels Manufacturers in Greater Noida.  Our glass wool panels are highly inflammable which makes them conducive for medical, laboratory, and other places prone to fire. The panels are highly purified and thermal insulation created from intertwined borosilicate glass fibers.
Glass wool sandwich panels can be ordered with or without aluminum foil and are suitable for under deck insulation, false ceiling insulation, and ducting and are widely used in the construction and air conditioning industries. Our glass wool panels are used in the construction and air conditioning industries as well. It is made of bonded glass fibers and can be used for both thermal and acoustic isolation.
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