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Glasswool Panels Manufacturers - Ghaziabad

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the leading company of glass wool sandwich panels, that made of composite materials and is used for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. We are a Glass wool panels manufacturer in Ghaziabad. This glass wool Insulated Sandwich Panel consists of an insulation layer of rigid core sandwiched between 2 layers of pre-coated, GI sheet with Glass wool as its core.

The core layer is composed of long, fine inorganic fibers, which are bonded at high temperatures using a binder. These fibers (each of approximately 6-7 microns in diameter) are spread across to trap millions in tiny pockets of air, which in turn creates the best thermal and acoustic insulation.

Glass wool sandwich panels are known for their fire resistance. Glass wool panels are made of non-flammable glass fiber, which is the core material. This material is fire-resistant and has excellent insulation properties.

Glass Wool Panel, felt, and pipe products are used in a variety of industries, including construction, chemical, energy, metallurgy, and communication. Glass wool has the benefits of being low in cost, easy to use, and a short production time. Because it is non-toxic, and not irritating to the skin, it is safe for workers as well.

Why Use Glass wool Sandwich Panel?

Glass wool panels are lightweight and easy to transport and set up. Glass wool is chemically inert and therefore does not contain impurities such as sulphur or chloride. It is also non-corrosive, and it does not permit mold growth.

These panels make a great choice for roof and wall cladding. These panels are light and have high tensile strengths and excellent resilience. Some notable features of Glass wood panels are-

  • Fire safety: The inner core material is made of non-flammable, glass wool insulation. This prevents fire from spreading. Glass wool panel construction is ideal for fire areas as it doesn’t emit harmful gases during a fire.
  • Thermo insulation: These panels use glass fibers that are uniform in thickness and composition. It is made of glass sand and has a high-speed centrifugal force. The glasswool panels have the best thermal insulation and water repellent properties.
  • Sound absorption effects: Glass wool’s tiny air pockets trap air. Air is the medium that allows sound to travel.
  • Anticorrosive effect: Glass wool is an organic product. Therefore, there is very little deformation or corrosion that lasts a long time. Glass wool is able to retain its original form and can withstand shocks as well as pressures and vibrations.
Glasswool Panels Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd has extensive experience manufacturing glass wool insulated sandwich panels. We have a long-range of readily available glass wool products. Glass wool panels are made of inorganic glass fibers, which are linked with high-temperature resin. They are well-known for their fine finishes.

Our glass wool panels are used in the construction and air conditioning industries. It is made of bonded glass fibers and can be used for both thermal and acoustic isolation. Also, our glass wool sandwich panel can be ordered with or without aluminum foil and is suitable for under deck insulation, false ceiling insulation, and ducting and is widely used in the construction and air conditioning industries.

At Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, all of our products meet the highest industry standards and are readily available at competitive prices. Our products comply with international quality standards and can be purchased easily.

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