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Fire rated doors enable protection against fire and help in safe and quick evacuation of the people during any fire related incident. Fire rated doors not only minimize the spread of fire but also help in reducing the damage of property done by fire. Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the best fire rated door manufacturers in Haryana providing fire rated doors in different styles that will protect your property from fire hazards. We are the leading suppliers of fire rated doors in Haryana.

We supply a wide range of other doors to meet the needs of our clients and their property. We construct all products with the latest fire rated doors specifications which ensures a high degree of protection for all buildings. The primary reason for fire rated doors being installed in buildings is to save lives and property in the event of a fire.

Our products are designed to the highest standards and are rigorously tested by our experts. We also supply products that meet specifications for fire rated doors from manufacturers.

Why fire rated doors are important?

Fire rated doors remain one of the important passive fire protection components for your building. It serves four main purposes:
  • Provide ready to egress from a fire
  • Reduces the smoke hazards
  • Suppresses the fire to be spread
  • Serve as regular doors with or without access control

Buildings need to be designed to offer an acceptable level of fire protection and minimize the risk of fire. The primary purpose of fire protection components is to protect the life and property within your building. People are aware of the basics of fire suppression systems and sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc. which are part of active fire protection components but very few know about the fire rated door.

Why Choose Our Fire Rated Doors?

When you choose Cactus Profiles’ excellent range of fire rated doors, you can expect top products and services from our end. We manufacture the doors with all these factors below:
  • We ensure fire rated doors close properly
  • We recommend purchasing doors along with shutters to ensure the frame is the same standard or not.
  • We ensure vision panels, door locks, and handles are fire rated.
  • We provide hinges that are fire rating tested along with the door set.
  • Proper fitting of the intumescent strip and the smoke seal resist the passage of smoke and fire.

Generally, these doors can be used in high-rise buildings, metro stations, industrial plants, multiplexes, hotels, auditoriums, etc., and fire rated doors are designed to perform in the most demanding environment.

Do you need fire rated doors?

Specifications of the highest type and certified doors is what we specialized in. Cactus Profiles is the leading provider of fire rated doors, functional sliding doors, fire rated exterior doors, acoustic doors, and more. All doors we provide are manufactured by technical experts and their teams.
If you are looking for a fire rated doors manufacturer in Haryana for your building contact us.


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