Rockwool Panels Manufacturers In Jaipur

If you are insulating the wall or roof of your home and building there are numerous products you can use. One such popular product is the Rockwool Panel.
Rockwool is a type of thermal insulation which is made from rocks and minerals. These panels allow moisture to escape from the surrounding. Rockwool insulation minimizes the risk of mould or bacterial growth from your house or buildings. The compression-resistant material is used for roofing boards and bonded panels.

Advantages of Rockwool Panel –

Vapor Permeable Material:
Rockwool Panel has permeable material as compared to chemical products i.e., polyurethane foam. It has very less damp problems because damp can freely circulate or evaporate. This is the main reason for using Rockwool in cavity wall insulation.
Sound Insulation and Fireproof:
Rockwool is a suitable option where the risk of fire and noise is high. It reduces the spread of fire and noise up to a certain extent. Unwanted noise particles are unable to penetrate the inner environment.
Insulation value remains unchanged:
The main advantage of the Rockwool panel is it does not lose insulation value as the year go if compares to other insulation material. It keeps your house insulated sufficiently because its initial value will retain for a longer time.
High Thermal Efficiency:
You can save energy billsby keeping the temperature hot or cold because of high thermal conductivity. It helps to maintain the standard temperature in your residential buildings.

Rockwool Panels Features

  1. Rockwool core has outstanding acoustic performance with non-combustibility.

  2. It can installed both horizontally as well as vertically very easily.

  3. Does not require scaffolding for installation and is thus very easy to assemble with simple equipment.

  4. The Rockwool insulations are available in a wide range of designs and colours as per your requirement.

  5. It offers protection from extreme hot and cold weather as well as wind or snowfall.

Application of our Rockwool Panels

Our Rockwool Panels are suitable for a wide range of buildings and structures as below:
  • Control Room

  • Compressor Room

  • Acoustic Room

  • Power Project Buildings and Structure

  • Fire Safety Application

  • Drivers and Oven Insulation

Why choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd for Rockwool Panels?

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the renowned manufacturer and trader of Rockwool insulation in Jaipur. We have more than 20 years of experience and cover 500+ projects till date.
Our team of experts continuously keeps track of fast-pace technology to produce the latest design of products for our customers. Our engineer promise to design standard quality panels as per your specification.
To get a quotation or consultation from our team, contact us today. We promise you to provide best-in-class service always.


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