Rockwool Panel In Dahej

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the leading producer and supplier of insulation panels in Dahej. It has the expertise of more than 20 years and covered 500 + projects. We have our main office in Noida (Delhi) and now expanding all across India.
Our team directs all activities to meet the expectations of the customers. We focus on providing quality service to clients. Cactus Profiles use modern techniques in its production which reduce the chances of human error in manufacturing.
Some of our clients are Appasamy Hospitals, Amul, Paras, Winsome, and Mother Dairy.

What is a Rockwool Panel?

The panel made from Rockwool is fireproof. They are the perfect choice for acoustic insulation. The insulation reduces the effect of external noise entering homes. It will ensure a peaceful working environment.
These panels have the dual benefit of thermal and acoustic insulation. The core components of the panels are rock and sand. Thus, do not combustible and no toxic fume is produced.
Rockwool comes under the category of green products. It is relevant to use in certified green buildings like GRIHA and IGBC. The usage of such insulation increases the rating of CSR in your organization.
We provide Rockwool insulation ranging from 60 mm to 200 mm. Our expert will design standard Rockwool according to your need.

Product Details

The product details of Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd are mentioned below:


W – 1175mm




Partition, dust-free rooms, boilers etc.

Max Withstanding Temperature

1000 degree Celsius




RAL 9002 or AWT


Salient Features of Rockwool Panel

  1. The Rockwool Panels are fire resistors. It will reduce the effect of spreading fire beyond certain points.

  2. No heavy machinery or labour is required to assemble these panels.

  3. A wide variety of colours and designs are available.

  4. It can withstand rainfall or snowfall. Also, maintains the temperature of the room.

  5. It reduces the effect of noise and protects employees from the effect. Thus such panels are preferred for use in the area near the busy road.

Applications of Rockwool Panels

Our Rockwool insulation is suitable for a wide range of buildings and structures mentioned below:
  • Control rooms.

  • Compressor rooms.

  • Acoustic rooms.

  • Turbine Generator Buildings.

  • Drivers and ovens insulation.

  • HVAC ducting.

  • Fire safety applications.

Why choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd?

Looking for an ideal solution for Rockwool panels in Dahej? Cactus Profiles is the best company with highly skilled professionals. We offer panels based on the various parameter to ensure quality and durability. For all your requirement for Rockwool Panels in Dahej, contact Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd! We ensure to provide quality products and service at your doorstep.


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