Insulated Sandwich Panels

Rockwool Panel in Bengaluru

Rockwool panels are made from rock processed into fibers. It is a durable and heat-resistant material that provides powerful protection against heat and fire.

These panels are reliable insulators that hold high R-Value over time. Resisting pests and moisture, the Rockwool panel offers a wide range of benefits for industrial sectors, and now even in residential sectors, people are using these panels for protection.

This panel contains multiple abilities to be a popular modern construction requirement for everyone. It is environmentally friendly, and durable. Safe, heat resistant, non-deteriorating R-Value, pest control, and moisture resistant.

Technical specifications

  • The width of the wall of the Rockwool panel is 950mm and the roof is 1000mm.
  • The core thickness of these panels is 50mm to 120mm.
  • It has a K Value ( W /m2 K ) of 0.72 , 0.61 , 0.46 , 0.37 , 0.28.
  • The R value ( Btu / hr / ft2 / F ) 8 , 10 , 13 , 16 , 20.
  • The total density of the Rockwool panel is 100kg/m3.
  • Also, the thermal conductivity at 10 degrees Celsius means 0.04 ( W /m3K ).
  • The compressive strength of the Rockwool panel at 10% deformation is 0.50985 ( Kg / cm2 ).
  • The melting point is greater than 1000°C.
  • The basic thing that matters is the material has good acoustic properties which maintain the soundproofing. Fire safety is the most important factor, therefore Rockwool panels are fire-resistant, so most of the industries choose to fabricate with Rockwool panels.
  • These panels can maintain the overall temperature in the room. It is durable and long-lasting. These properties make the Rockwool panels reliable and effective insulation for your building.

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