Rockwool Panels Manufacturers In Assam

Nowadays demand for Rockwool Panel is increasing in the market, as they are leading more towards safety in case of any miss happening because of fire. Cactus Profiles is the key player of Assam who offers Rockwool Panel for all your construction needs.
Rockwool is rigid fibrethermal insulation which is suitable in the construction of buildings, industrial plants, residential areas, auditoriums, and cold storage to control heat and prevent fire.
The easy assembly of Rockwool Panels ensures extra protection and reduces cost compared to other insulation panels. The insulation material is versatile that will use to insulate every part of a home including walls, floors, and roofs.

Benefits of using Rockwool Panels

  1. Fire Resistance:
    Rockwool Panel is non - combustible in nature therefore, it prevents the spread of fire up to a certain extent. The inserted material Rockwool has high density which holds the flames and provides you extra time to exit from the building in case of any miss happening.

  2. Moisture Resistance:
    Rockwool Panel prevents all types of mould, bacterial infection, and moisture resistance. Thus it contributes to a healthier inner environment condition.

  3. Noise Resistance:
    The Rockwool panel has a high density that prevents sound and noise to travel from one conductor to another conductor. We can say that nothing can compete with the sound absorption property of a Rockwool. Therefore, it is widely used in malls, auditoriums, exhibition halls, and airports. Its noise-resistant property makes it eco - friendly product and reduces noise pollution from the atmosphere.

  4. Durability:
    Rockwool is produce from durable raw materials including steel slag and rock makes panels highly durable. This is the main reason for using Rockwool insulation panels in construction units.
  5. Easy to Install:
    Rockwool panel is light in weight irrespective of its dimension. It requires less manpower to install these panels and can transport from one place to another easily. The great rigidity of Rockwool material ensures that it can cut precisely, allowing definite trimming near electrical points.

Why choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd for Rockwool Panels?

Cactus Profile is the leading supplier of Rockwool Panel in Assam. We have expertise in manufacturing PUF panels, Rockwool Panels, and Glass wool Panels.
We are a renowned manufacturer of the insulated panel for more than 20 years and cover 500 + projects some including the public sector too. Our group of experts checks the Rockwool Panel on numerous parameters defined by an international report. We ensure an efficient system of checks and balances at every procedure to deliver the quality efficient panel to our customers.
Contact our team of experts for all your Rockwool Panel requirement today.


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