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Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is one of the leading PUF wall panels manufacturers in Hoshiarpur. We engaged in using the finest raw materials that are available in the market. To maintain product quality, we follow all the industrial guidelines and protocols.
We offer panels that are exclusively manufactured using optimum quality raw materials and modern technology in adherence to the set industry standard.  These panels are high insulating capacity and have long-lasting durability, making them a praised and most preferred product in every sector.
The PUF wall panels are made of a tongue and groove joining system, which is used to join two panels together also with additional overlapping panels which are used to cover the joining parts to avoid any water leakage and dust particles.

PUF wall panels are 100 percent efficient and well-designed insulated walls for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. To reduce the external noise, stop the heat transfer, and act as a barrier to cold waves in winter. These panels are of high density and they are prefabricated panels crafted with Polyurethane foam.
The PUF is coated with non-corrosive material and multiple layers of waterproofing materials. These insulating wall panels are designed for tolerating rough weather conditions and maintaining the indoor environment like temperature, sound, etc.

Benefits and specifications of PUF wall panels

  • The PUF wall panels are durable and long-lasting.
  • They are light weighted, therefore they are portable. The panels are frameless construction which makes them easy to configure.
  • These PUF wall panels provide lower thermal conductivity.
  • They are lower in cost as compared to traditional construction
  • Also, weatherproof and heat & cold resistance
  • The minimum width of the wall panels should be approx. 1175mm, whereas the width of the roofs should be 1010mm.
  • We offer 30mm to 80mm and 100mm to 150mm core thickness range as per the client’s requirement.

The PUF sandwich panels are also known as composite panels or structural insulated panels. It can be used in constructing buildings. As the traditional construction days are gone. The future is prefabrication and the PUF panels are the solution among the most sought-after products that meet all the design requirements and specifications, and also follow the criteria of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Cactus Profiles PUF wall panels

We are a renowned PUF wall panels manufacturer in Hoshiarpur delivering the best PUF panels all over the country. Our products are known for their several qualities like stable performance, high strength quality, ease to install, etc. These panels are good conductors of heat. It contains non-flammable material. If you see, glass wool panels are the only solution that is the insulation most frequently installed by professionals and individuals.
With Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd, you enhance your organization’s infrastructure. We help you to reduce the transmission of surrounding noise to enter inside the building and give your organization solid and thermal control walls and roofs. It also keeps the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
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