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PUF Panels Manufacturers - Haryana

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturing and supplying prefabricated industry. We are the leading PUF panels manufacturer in Haryana and have presence in other major cities of India.

The PUF wall panels are extremely resistant to all weather conditions and are exceptionally robust and hard to crack. As these panels are lightweight, this strengthens the roofs and walls. The PUF panels are the best choice as they can withstand high temperatures and are available in different designs and colors according to the building infrastructure.

These PUF panels are insulated sheets filled with polyurethane foam in the core achieving Good R-values and consisting of exterior and interior facings of relatively thin metal sheets. The panel elements have become essential in the construction industry.

For choosing the right PUF sandwich panels you must take advice from an expert team who can explain to you every bit of the panels as you require. We are located almost in every city of India with our technical expert team. We are the most renowned PUF panels manufacturers in Haryana who are known for their excellence and quality.

There are many features of PUF panels:

  • It has high structural durability and reliability
  • Pre-fabricated for precise dimensions
  • All weatherproof
  • Easy to dismantle and replace from one place to another
  • Quick on-site installation
  • PUF Sandwich panels are water, fire, termite resistance
  • Energy-saving due to thermal insulation
Benefits of PUF sandwich panels
  • Energy savings because of the low thermal conductivity of these panels are good conductors of heat, so they can easily protect the inner environment from ambient heat and sunlight and can keep the indoors cool.
  • This means lesser energy will be used to keep the building inside the structure cool which can save costs incurred in indoor cooling during hot weather.
  • Reduce sound solution are sandwich panels are double-coated so that they act as good insulation shields.
  • PUF panels don’t allow the noise to pass through and can protect the inner environment from outside noise.
  • This is very beneficial in structures that are located closer to busy roads, highways, or construction sites where noise pollution is heavy.
  • All-weather resistant
  • These panels have found widespread usage in construction due to their numerous advantages.
  • The aesthetic appeal and the design potential make it an ideal choice for architects. Also, the acoustic properties give them an edge over other roofing materials in construction.
  • It is easy to install and lighter in weight the sandwich PUF roofing panels required very little maintenance and withstand all kinds of weather, they are extremely durable and long-lasting.
Why Cactus Profiles?

Cactus Profiles is the best PUF sandwich panels manufacturer in Haryana. We provide sandwich PUF panels that are suitable in different sizes and shapes according to the application. Our PUF sandwich panels are manufactured using the best and fine raw materials. They have high and extremely durable qualities. These panels are ideal for all kinds of buildings which includes roofs and walls.

We manufacture the PUF panels in a controlled environment in the presence of our technical expert team. We provide the best services we can, which gives our clients flexibility in design and choosing varieties options on fascia of panels and colors.

If you require PUF sandwich panels, get in touch with the Cactus Profiles PUF sandwich panel in Haryana today.