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Are you looking for a quality Glass Wool Panel in your area Mizoram? Cactus Profiles is a perfect choice for your modular buildings.
Glass wool is insulating material produced from glass fibre. It uses silica sand, recycled glass and some fixing agents to form a glass wool panel. It provides good insulation and coating foam to your space.
These panels are manufactured through a computerised process which uses non-flammable fibre glass as a core inner part. These panels are a cost-effective and durable product for your building. Besides this, glass wool insulation offers excellent thermal insulation and also acts as fire resistance.

Advantages of Glasswool Panels

  1. Glass wool has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation property.
  2. It is an inexpensive and cost-effective product than other insulators available on the market.
  3. It can resist fire up to 3000 C temperature and act as a good fire resistor.
  4. Glass wool panels are made from recycled fibre glass and have a long life span.
  5. It is non-hazardous to the health of occupants and provides them with ease and comfort environment.
  6. It is easy to install glass wool panels because it is elastic and flexible in nature and adapt to all floors, walls, and roofs.

Applications of Glasswool Insulation

  1. Partition Wall:

  2. Glass wool is commonly used as a partition wall for sound resistance in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It was a good alternative to traditional brick walls which offer high acoustic with minimum wall thickness.
    Up to 60 dB or more sound reduction is possible through glass wool along fire safety as per international standards. It provides more functionality than just separating rooms in commercial buildings.
  3. Roof:

  4. To roof allows 40% to 50% of heat gain or loss in any building. It increases the use of electric appliances which wastes energy. Glass wool insulation is an effective way to increase the energy efficiency of a building. Glass wool insulation maintains the building evelope which can retain heat in winter and let heat out in summer. It provides comfort and saves energy consumption.
  5. Ceiling:

  6. The use of glass wool in the ceiling provides thermal comfort, a quiet indoor atmosphere, and fire safety. It can also minimize the noise impact coming from roofs (from other floors or buildings).
  7. Floor:

  8. Glass wool insulation on the floor reduces the impact of noise reaching the floor below by separating them. The noise created by walking the people over or from any appliance can reduce by glass wool insulation. Glass wool in floor insulation acts as sound resistant and prevents sound from transmittingto another part of the living area.
  9. Metallic Buildings:

  10. The glass wool in metallic buildings promotes non-combustible, optimum acoustics performance, thermal I solution and makes building durable and stable. Glass wool insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer which keeps out heat during summers and preserves warm air during winter in the space.

Some technical specifications of glass wool panels are

  1. It is available in 950 mm width-wall and 1000 mm width-roof.
  2. You get 50mm to 100mm core thickness glass wool panels.
  3. It has K Value (W/m2 K) 0.89, 0.67, 0.43, 0.36.
  4. R-Value (Btu/hr./ft2/F) 14, 17, 21, 27.
  5. Maximum withstand temperature: 1000 degrees C.

Why Choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd for Glasswool Insulation

Cactus Profiles is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Glasswool insulation panels in Mizoram. We have a team of experts who constantly improve the performance and features of our products. We also ensure the system of checks and balances which match international standards.
During the manufacturing process, we ensure that our product goes through a system of numerous parameters. It will ensure product quality and require less human intervention. For all your Glass wool panel requirement at an affordable price, contact our team of an expert today.


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