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Thin, lightweight, and eco-friendly, glass wool insulation products offer very efficient solutions for insulation. We are a top brand of Glass Wool Panels Manufacturers in Haryana. Our teams are constantly improving the products and developing new ones to ensure consistent high quality and performance with dozens of new projects filed every year.

What are Glass Wool panels?

The Glass Wool Panel is an insulating material made from glass fibers. These fibers are arranged using a blinder into a texture similar to wool. This process traps small pockets of air between the glass, which helps the final product with its superior thermal insulation properties. Glass Wool can be sold as rolls and slabs.
The wide range of Cactus Glass Wool products is designed to meet demanding requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic properties, whereas it is safe and easy to install.
It can be applied in many places from ducts and pipes to walls. Most commonly it is used in buildings, as well as a very effective insulator in the technical applications like Industry insulation and Automotive, train and other food preservative transports.

Why choose Glass Wool panels?

The Glass Wool panels are also known as fiberglass, which is considered to be one of the most effective and eco-friendly insulation materials. The excellent thermal insulation properties help you save energy and decrease the environmental impacts on your surroundings.
  • Thermally insulated

The Glass Wool Panels keep heat loss through the small air pockets to a minimum to maintain the right temperature across the building.
  • High acoustic performance

A unique internal small structure compares long interwoven fibers to ensure a high level of sound absorption.
  • Fire resistance and safe

Incombustible by nature the Glass wool panel doesn't fuel fire or propagate flames. The Glass Wool Panels are safe to use also it is used to manufacture, and installing these panels are quite easy.

Glass Wool Panels with Cactus Profiles.

Cactus Profiles was established in 2003, expertise in the manufacturing industry, we manufacture and supply different types of panels and help the organization to build and renovate their buildings with Glass Wool Panels and other panels.
To make your build safe and secure, our Glass Wool Panel combines high acoustic and thermal conductivity performance. It also improves interior decor as well as air quality.
We at Cactus Profiles manufacture the Glass Wool Panels using mineral materials that are infinitely recyclable. It reduces the carbon emissions from heat approx 30 to 40 percent which increases the lifespan of the whole building.
Our main business scope is professionally manufacturing and supplying products. Our goal is to pursue an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.
We are happy to help our customers. If you want to work with us please contact or step in with us today.


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