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Glasswool Panels Manufacturers - Chandigarh

Glass Wool Panels are excellent fire-resistant panels that suffice myriad applications. These panels are made from non-flammable glass fiber which prevents the spread of fire. Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd started its operation in 2003 and engaged in manufacturing and trading.

Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd is the top manufacturer of Glass Wool Panel. Our Glass wool panels are made with stable fibers bonded with thermal settings to prevent any hazards. These panels can be used for insulating large areas and for shock absorption & acoustic isolation. Also, panels are made with the best grade raw materials.

The Glass Wool Panels are safe to use as a roofing material, office furniture, entertainment places, heating ventilation, hospitals, etc. also panels can be used as a false ceiling for various industrial purposes or temporary warehouses & storerooms. Several properties like good thermal insulation & conductivity, minimum water absorption, and a high level of resistance to vapor diffusion.

The key features of Glass Wool Sandwich Panels
  1. Heat and sound insulation

The external steel sheets can preserve the long-lasting manufacturing of Glass Wool panels in the building. It reduces solar radiation and keeps the appropriate indoor temperature. The high-quality heat and sound insulation materials are made with the adoption of Glass Wool.

  1. Eco-friendly and environment safe

Glass Wool Panels contain low carbon molecules, are manufactured with environmental materials and are compressed with energy-saving technology. This makes them highly eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

  1. Good conductor of heat

Glass Wool Panels are coefficient of thermal expansion insulation that ensures the build under the condition of thinnest heat insulation materials which give its energy-saving properties.

Technical specification of Glass Wool Panels

Product Name

Glass Wool Sandwich Panels for walls and roofs





Fire resistant

Core Thickness

50mm to 120mm

K value (W / m² °K)

0.72 ꘡ 0.61 ꘡ 0.46 ꘡  0.37 ꘡  0.28

R value (Btu / hr / ft² / ℉ )

8 ꘡ 10 ꘡ 13 ꘡ 16 ꘡ 20

Width Wall


Width Roof


Fascia Options



100 kg/m³

Thermal conductivity at 10 degree C

0.04 w / m³k

Compressive strength at 10 %

0.50985 kg per cm sq.

Bending strength

0.7647 kg per cm sq

Melting point

Greater than 1000 degrees C

Water Absorption

Less than 1%

Sound reduction (db)

28 to 30

Fire class


Why Choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd?

Cactus Profiles manufacturers the finest prefabricate products, manufacturing products, and building components. We have carved a niche in the market for manufacturing high-quality products.

Our Glass Wool Panels are tested on various parameters before supplying to customers. The panels manufactured by us have the capability to withstand any bad weather conditions or heat resistance. We supply a wide range of Glass wool panels to our customers as per their requirements and needs.

Contact us today to understand the correct specifications for your unit and buy Glass Wool Panel for your building at a reasonable price.