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Glasswool Panels in Agra

Cactus Profiles is a leading supplier of Glasswool Panels in Agra. Our panels are specially designed and manufactured for use in both residential and commercial buildings, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.Our Glasswool Panels in Agra are made from high-quality glass fibers that are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. This unique composition gives our panels superior strength and durability, making them ideal for use in various applications.

One of the main benefits of using Glasswool Panels in Agra from Cactus Profiles is their excellent thermal insulation properties. These panels have a low thermal conductivity, meaning that they can effectively reduce heat transfer between different areas of a building. This makes them perfect for use in walls, roofs and floors to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building throughout the year.

In addition to thermal insulation, our Glasswool Panels in Agra also offer exceptional acoustic insulation. The dense structure of our panels helps to absorb sound waves, reducing noise levels within a building. This makes them an ideal choice for offices, schools and other commercial buildings where noise reduction is important.

Technical specifications

  • It is available in 950mm width-wall and 1000mm width-roof.
  • You get 50mm to 100mm core thickness glass wool panels.
  • It has K Value (W/m2 K) 0.89 , 0.67 , 0.43 , 0.36.
  • And gives the R-Value (Btu/hr/ft2/F) 14 , 17 , 21 , 27
  • Most of the companies use glass wool panels because it has a sound absorption effect and high durability for shock, pressure, and vibration.

If you have any specific requirements for Glasswool Panels in Agra, feel free to reach out to us. We provide a wide range of options to cater to your needs and ensure high-quality solutions for your projects.


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