• Have hygienic surfaces
  • Are light weight and sturdily build
  • Provide thermal efficiency for power economy
  • Are easy to dismantle and relocate
  • Have an acoustic insulation property
  • Are eco-friendly, with CFC-free insulation
  • Enable quick construction
  • Ensure easy, neat, and clean site work
  • Reduces room temperature when used in ambient temperatures
  • Are the most acceptable MOC for HACCP and FDA approvals
  • We are committed to deliver high quality Puf Insulated Panels at competitive cost through –
    a) Skilled and motivated workforce 
    b) With application of efficient process
  • To achieve and maintain good quality we have developed our own in house Testing Facilities for raw material and finished goods
  • We manufacture the PUF Insulated Panels utilizing the state of the art plant and machinery.

  • We have state of art production set up, fully equipped tool room, competent man-power and all other required infrastructure available at our disposal.

  • High load bearing capacity at low weight
  • Absolute water and vapor barrier
  • Easy repair and replacement in case of damage
  • High durability and very low maintenance cost
  • Reasonably fire resistant
  • Withstand heavy rain/heavy snow and high wind pressure
  • Withstand extreme cold and hot weather
  • Have low thermal conductivity that is why the internal structure is cool in summer and warm in winter which minimizes the rise and fall of the inside temperature
  • Can be installed very quickly and very convenient in shifting from one place to another
  • Provide energy efficient and environment friendly solution to the building industry

Pre-fabricated roofing panels are made of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of waterproof and non-corrosive material. These pre-fabricated roofing panels are designed to withstand the quirks of the nature and the vagaries of time.

It effectively restricts the transmission of heat by 5-6 degrees, and also absorbs and reduces the noise of rain as well. These roofing panels are aesthetically designed, sound-proof and weather-resistent. Being corrosion-free, these panels require low maintenance and durable in nature, making them a cost-effective roofing solution.

Dimensional stability

> 1% for -48h @ -30° C

Adhesion Strength

> 100 Kpa

Compressive strength

> 120 Kpa

Thermal conductivity

u=0.020 W/M 0 k

Metal laminates

Pre-painted galvalume steel sheets


Rigid PUF

Normal density

40 kgs/m3


Overlap joinery with stich screw and EPDM washers Butyl sealants for leak-proof construction

Normal panel width


Panel Length

Single panel up to 8m