Clean Room Doors In Madhya Pradesh

Clean room doors are an ideal solution where production needs to be done in a controlled environment.
It is an essential part of any organization because it prevents bacteria and dust particles from entering the room.
It ensures the maintenance of minimum temperature wherever required. 
These are designed for humid and corrosive environments and do not swell, rust or attract any bacteria. 

Why choose Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd? 

If finding any difficulty in deciding the most prominent room door for your organization, Cactus Profiles is here to help you. We are the leading insulated panel and door supplier all across India. 
As an expert in sandwich panel manufacturing for over 20+ years, we finished more than 500 projects. Cactus Profiles design, engineer and manufacture standard and cost-effective cleanroom doors for its clients. We are the trusted exporter and supplier of cleanroom doors in Madhya Pradesh. Cactus Profiles door structure is made up of stainless steel material which made it long and durable. Although, they are equipped with automatic sweeping which ensures an air-tight surface in the workplace. Our room doors help in preventing these dust particles enter into the room.
Standard design and installation make Cactus Profiles doors adaptable. We ensure the careful installation of clean room doors with low particle emissions and low air exchange conditions. We know, the business will run successfully, if its production runs to full capability with zero hindrance. Thus, we offer long and durable doors to boost our client's production facility. We ensure high-speed innovation at Cactus Profiles to deliver high-speed doors at a cost-effective price.
Although we use paper honeycomb and aluminium honeycomb as core material in cleanroom doors. These doors trap unwanted and harmful particles from your environment and remove them.

Our Product Features

At Cactus Profiles, we provide clean room doors having unique features such as:
  1. Use of the latest technology with a single security lock

  2. Wide variety of designs as per your requirement and specification

  3. Leftside opening and Rightside opening with 90-degree surface

  4. Suitable for interior and external use

  5. Easily clean

  6. Low maintenance fee

  7. Zero pressure leakage

  8. Speed adjustment by frequency controller

  9. Accurate installation 

  10. Vision windows for easy see-through are incorporated  

Advantages of Cleanroom doors

  1. The most important benefit of having a clean room door is that it can be easily shifted. By which, the life age of clean rooms like laboratories will extend. 

  2. These are high-speed doors. It covers an interlocking feature which unlocks the door in less than a second. Thus, it will lower the risk of entry of bacteria or dust particles into the room. 

  3. It can be a swing in any direction with ease. So, there is no chance of injury to any person. 

  4. Cleanroom doors can control the temperature of the unit or room as per the requirement. 

  5. Last but not the least, they are fire-resistant doors. They diminish the spread of flames and smoke if any fire tragedy happens. 


Cleanroom doors are meant for the most comprehensive and strict hygiene standard maintenance sector in the world. These doors are especially recommended for:
  1. Pharmaceutical

  2. Food & Packaging

  3. Laboratories

  4. Semiconductor & electronic industry

  5. Computer server rooms

To safeguard and protect your organization from outside elements, Get in touch with Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd !! 

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