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At Cactus Profile Pvt Ltd, we work as a leading cleanroom doors supplier in Uttar Pradesh. The center of our cleanroom design is prefabricated modular, giving the air return partition system. The sealed modular doors prevent both cutting and dust molecules from the cleanroom.
We supply the doors that have the best sealing performance by adopting foam dispensing technology. Therefore, these doors are equipped with automatic sweeping strips that help the organization to have better air-tight rooms.
A cleanroom environment is required at a place where there is a high risk of air contamination through environmental pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapor. These doors are designed for excellence, to provide optimum solutions that are needed for a pharmaceutical, hospital, health sectors, commercial, and retail environment where the cleanroom doors are needed.
Our cleanroom doors have the properties to prevent dust particles or pollutants from entering the room. The door is insulated with high-quality techniques. It is made of honeycomb paper and is a very light core material for door shutters. With this material, it is very easy to operate lightweight doors.

Core features of Cleanroom Doors

  • The cleanroom doors are made for interior applications

  • These doors are designed to meet hygienic requirements and stringent

  • It can be single and as per the requirement double leaf door

  • Clients can easily customize their cleanroom doors

  • Acoustic and soundproof help the room maintain discipline.

  • Help to prevent bacterial growth

  • These doors are easy to clean without any chemical substances

  • They have a flush surface

  • Cleanroom doors are air-tight and no pressure leakage

  • These doors are durable and have long-lasting functioning properties.

Cleanroom door controls the environment where pollutants like dust, air molecules/particles (microbes), and aerosol particles. Most of the cleanroom doors are used for manufacturing products that contain electronic, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment. The cleanroom doors also control variables like temperature, airflow, and high humidity.
In natural research and medical industries, cleanroom doors are used when it is necessary to ensure an environment free of bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.

Why Choose Cactus Clean Room Doors?

Our cleanroom doors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for cleanroom and hygienic applications. These doors are designed for interior applications in humid or corrosive environments.
At Cactus Profiles, we manufacture doors that do not swell, rot, warp, rust, or attract bacteria, hence cleanroom doors are extremely hygienic and also, give you perfect solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare sectors. In order to provide our clients with strong and reliable quality products, we build thick core doors that have outstanding high resistance to bending. With this process, we can build durable and long-lasting functioning doors.
As cleanroom doors manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, we always make sure that our customers get proper services, therefore we have the best technical expert team, who work as professionals and are available for your service.


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