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When the matter comes to clean room there is lot to consider like material, quality, and functionality. Cactus Profiles solve all your problem for clean room in Mumbai.
As door is the integral part of closed room and the only moving element, you need to have best possible solution for better surrounding. Our cleanroom doors are widely used in pharmaceuticals units, food processing units, laboratories, and hospital etc.
The cleanroom doors can also control variables like temperature and high moisture. The clean rooms can classify into different situations of impurity depending on the number of particles flowing in the air.
The smooth door surface facilitates easy cleaning and reducing bacterial growth. These doors are manufacturer in multiple material like stainless steel and galvanized steel to meet the specification of clean rooms.

Benefits of using Clean Room Doors

  1. The most important advantage of having clean room door is that it can be easily shift or move. By such feature it will maximize the life of clean room like laboratories.

  2. It is a high speed doors means it takes only few second to close the door. Thus, the risk of entering bacteria or dust particle is minimized. It has an interlocking unique feature which will lock the door in just a second.

  3. You can easily swing clean room doors in any direction as per your convenience. Although it has no chance of injury to the person operating it.

  4. They are fire – resistant feature. It means the risk of spreading fire or smoke will diminish. Clean room doors are available in single door and double door as per the need which has automatic locking feature.

  5. Another unique benefit was it can withstand according to the temperature and reduce the humidity level from the room.

  6. It is very easy to clean such doors because it has a smooth and flat surface which kills the bacteria and microbes itself.

  7. You can get customize clean room door via Cactus Profile. Our team designs the door according to your specification, size, design, quality, and color.

Why to choose Cactus Profiles for your Clean room Doors?

Our clean room doors are designed to meet the requirement of clean and hygienic area. The application of clean room doors avoid bacterial growth, dirt, noise, humidity level and also maintain room temperature.
Cactus Profiles Pvt Ltd has expertise in manufacturing clean room doors in Mumbai. Our team customizes and designs clean room doors as per the customer requirement. We have single and double swing out, horizontal sliding or either manual, automatic and semi - automatic doors.
For all your clean room doors requirement contact us today.


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